Hard boars bristle beard brush

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This is the Annie hard boars bristle beard brush.

It is approximately 70% boar bristle and 30% bristles from other materials (these are needed to strengthen the structure of the bristles).

Boars bristles distribute oils perfectly throughout your beard.

It measures approx. 23cm (9 inches) x 6cm (2.5 inches) and is light brown.

If you would prefer a softer brush why not check out the Soft boars bristle beard brush?

1 review for Hard boars bristle beard brush

    C.V. (via Etsy)
    A good brush, I recommend it along with soft bristles. The one that has hard bristles goes well to expand the oil and give it a general shape. The one with soft bristles, to finish polishing the details and leave the hair 100% ready. I recommend them both, they work very well together!
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