VAT on Sales to the European Union

VAT on Sales to the European Union

Due to new EU regulations that came into force on 1st July 2021:

From 1st July 2021 all online sellers located in the EU or Northern Ireland (where we are based) are required under EU law to register for VAT in each EU member state, and to charge VAT on all purchases made through their websites at your country’s standard VAT rate. The VAT will be automatically included in each product’s price (and shipping) – a legal requirement for selling in the EU.

You will not have to pay anything upon import of your package to have it delivered as you have already paid it at time of sale. We will provide this information electronically to Royal Mail who will in turn provide it to your country’s postal service when we ship your order. This saves you from having to pay VAT upon delivery + a hefty service charge levied by your postal delivery company to collect the VAT.

We are VAT registered in Northern Ireland (VAT number: XI384331788) to collect VAT in all 27 EU countries, and the VAT paid will be remitted to your country’s tax authorities.

VAT will NOT be added on sales to the UK (including Northern Ireland which is part of both the UK and EU systems) as these are treated as domestic sales. As we fall below the VAT registration threshold for domestic UK sales we are not required to add or collect VAT on these.

VAT will NOT be added to sales outside the UK and EU. However, you may be required to pay import taxes, federal taxes, local state taxes and/or customs duties upon delivery.