Lumberjack beard balm

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Lumberjack beard balm is rich creamy balm with a light sandalwood scent which will ensure a hydrated, tamed, groomed and maintained beard.

This beard balm is called Lumberjack as it has a lovely light woody scent to it due to the unique blend of sandalwood oils used. It is designed to tame even a lumberjack’s wild beard. It is the original BaldyBeardy beard balm and the one where it all started.

It is scented using a unique blend of sandalwood oils. Sandalwood oil is very effective as an antiseptic, is a natural relaxant and helps slow down the signs of skin ageing. It is a really good oil for helping treat sleeplessness, mental strain and stress, resulting in a feeling of calmness, relaxation, with a greater sense of well being and uplifted-ness. It is great for regenerating and rejuvenating beards and the skin.

Like all BaldyBeardy beard balms, Lumberjack beard balm is formulated from a range of oils, butters and waxes to penetrate the hair shaft, providing hydration and nourishment for your beard, ensuring it is strong, soft, shiny and healthy.

Made from a range of highly nutritious and beneficial carrier oils and butters, as well as therapeutic essential oils, Lumberjack beard balm is everything your beard could ask for in terms of grooming and maintenance for a strong, healthy, soft and shiny beard.

Made by a bearded man especially for bearded men, who understands beards and their needs and where top quality beard care products are an absolute requirement, this beard balm is especially formulated to provide the best care and nourishment for your beard and skin.

This balm comes in 15ml (0.5oz), 30ml (1oz), 60ml (2oz) and 75ml (2.5oz) tins – with screw top lids.

Scent-ometer rating: 3 – medium scent.

Lumberjack beard balm contains:

 Beeswax: Beeswax is high in vitamin A which locks moisture into the skin, keeping it really soft. it is anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory making it excellent for soothing irritated skin. It’s also excellent for those who suffer with skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and rosacea. Beeswax acts as a layer of protection when applied to the skin, protecting it from harsh environmental conditions. Beeswax is not only an excellent natural skin and beard moisturiser, it also locks the moisture in. Beeswax also helps stimulate healthy beard growth. 

 Sweet Almond Butter: Sweet almond butter is packed full of essential fatty acids. These are great for beards and the skin as they completely hydrate them and restore elasticity. Almonds are rich in vitamin E which helps protect the skin from sun damage. Sweet almond butter also help reduce the production of free radicals, which cause damage to skin cells leading to lines and wrinkles. It is very softening for the skin and helps make it nice and smooth. The oils in sweet almond butter absorb into the skin quickly and help leave beards soft and shiny. Almonds are stone fruits or “drupes”, related to cherries, peaches and plums – not nuts.

 Aloe Butter: Aloe butter is a very moisturising butter with similar benefits to shea butter. It is a very light butter which rapidly hydrates the skin. Aloe butter helps create skin collagen and keep it renewed and supple. Aloe butter is great for treating skin inflammation, rashes, burns and insect bites.

 Olive Butter: Olive butter is a rich emollient (moisturiser) and so is very good for dry skin. It quickly absorbs into the skin. It is highly moisturising due to its linoleic acid content. It helps leave pores clear as well as leaving the skin feeling soft and nourished. It is rich in antioxidants. These help neutralise damaging free radicals which cause skin ageing. Olive butter contains the moisturising and antioxidant properties of olive oil along with the deep moisturising and skin nourishing qualities of shea butter to create an extra rich emollient for the skin. It also offers anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits. 

 Shea Butter: Shea butter is an antioxidant. It helps prevent inflammation, is an excellent moisturiser, is good for the circulation, it strengthens, protects and regenerates the skin. It is a great beard revitaliser. Shea butter relieves dry, dull, limp or damaged beard hairs. It helps relieve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, bites, cuts and burns. It is a fantastic anti-ageing product as it stimulates the production of collagen.

 Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is rich is lauric acid. Lauric acid penetrates the hair shaft and nourishes it with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, improving the overall health of the beard. Coconut oil helps beards to grow longer and thicker. Coconut oil also helps improve blood circulation which in turn helps with healthy beard growth. Rich in vitamin K and vitamin E, coconut oil helps reduce dandruff and dryness, making the follicles more healthy. The lauric acid in coconut oil has strong antiviral and anti-fungal properties. Coconut oil helps tame beard frizziness as it penetrates into the shaft and also helps reduce breakage. It acts as a natural sun screen protecting the beard and skin from sun damage as well as adding moisture, shine and softness to beards.

 Lanolin: Lanolin is a substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep to help protect their skin and wool from the harsh environment. It also works as an excellent sealant for hair and beards. Its waxy consistency helps lock in moisture that is already present in the hair strand. It is good for helping control frizziness and adding shine to beards. It acts as an excellent conditioner and acts as a barrier between your beard and the external environment such as humidity and climate. 

 Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet almond oil is an excellent natural emollient and is renowned for its ability to soften and condition the skin. It is high in Vitamin D and proteins and so really nourishes the skin and beard. It soothes dry, irritated skin. It absorbs quickly into the skin. Sweet almond oil is not a nut oil but a seed oil. Almonds are related to the cherry, peach and plum families and although commonly called nuts are actually seeds (more specifically “drupes” or stone fruits).

 Jojoba Oil: Jojoba contains natural collagen almost identical to the structure of the collagen in our skin. Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax but is often used as a carrier oil as it absorbs rapidly into the skin. It is rich in Vitamin E which promotes a glowing complexion. 

 Baobab Oil: Baobab oil is very rich in vitamin C in particular, as well as vitamins A, D, E and fatty acids. Due to its very high concentration of vitamins, it is very nourishing and beneficial for dry skin, helping to promote smooth skin. It improves skin elasticity by encouraging the regeneration of skin cells. It absorbs into the skin quickly.

 Evening Primrose Oil – this oil helps heal and soothe skin issues, reduce inflammation and relieve dandruff. Great for relieving sensitive skin, eczema, rashes and dry hair. Evening Primrose oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, and is very good for dry and mature skin.

This has a beautiful rich creamy texture with an amazingly citrusy scent. This ensures that it is really easy to apply and feels amazing in the beard.

To apply scoop out a pea sized amount of beard balm, rub between the fingers and thumbs and then rub well throughout the beard. Finally comb or brush through with a good quality comb (such as a Kent comb) or boars bristle brush.

Beard balm should always be applied to a dry beard to achieve its full effectiveness.

Upon first use just use a very small amount on a section of the skin to ensure that you do not have any allergies to any of the ingredients.

As this product contains beeswax it is unsuitable for vegans.

This product comes in an aluminium tin. These are the optimal containers for storing beard balms in. Balms are not kept in their optimal condition in glass or plastic jars.

BaldyBeardy products do NOT contain:

– Fragrance oils/perfumes (synthetically produced oils, very cheap and not good for the skin),
– Sulfates/Detergents,
– Parabens,
– Alcohol (e.g. benzyl alcohol),
– Fractionated oils (e.g. liquified coconut oil with its most beneficial fatty acid, lauric acid, removed to increase shelf life),
– Petroleum/mineral oil based ingredients (e.g. petroleum jelly),
– Nut oils (e.g. hazelnut oil, peanut oil).

Also available is our Australian Sandalwood beard balm.

96 reviews for Lumberjack beard balm

    David Gardner
    This is my favourite beard balm ever. Leaves your beard feeling amazingly soft and the smell is just beautiful. As with all BaldyBeardy products that I’ve bought the personalised service from Dan is fantastic. I live in Spain and it can sometimes take a while to come through customs but I’ll never buy my beard products from anywhere else.
    I.R. (via Etsy)
    I got this for my husband and brother in law to add on as a gift for Christmas! Fast shipping and a great product!! Will be ordering more in the future!
    R.B. (via Etsy)
    Nice smell, and the beard is getting very soft and feels healthy!
    M.M. (via Etsy)
    Great item, fast shipping. Very happy!
    H.S. (via Etsy)
    Lovely product and great service. Perfect thanks.
    L.D. (via Etsy)
    Thanks! Speedy delivery, it was a gift for my boyfriend so I look forward to his beard being luscious in the very near future. Thanks for the little card too, nice personal touch. =)
    B.M. (via Etsy)
    Promptly delivered with a personal message:))
    K.C. (via Etsy)
    Lovely, fast delivery, great little stocking filler!
    B.B. (via Etsy)
    Wonderfull! !!thank you very much
    T.P. (via Etsy)
    Bought these for my beardy husband for valentines day. He's never used balms before but has started using them religiously and has really noticed a difference. I loved the packaging and they arrived so quickly after ordering (& with a lovely free trial of some pine tar soap). I will definitely be ordering him some more soon.
    L.D. (via Etsy)
    This is a surprise Xmas pressie for my partner that I know he will love! Many thanks for the quick posting.
    H.W. (via Etsy)
    Really fast delivery, smells good. Hope my baldybeardy likes it!
    A.W. (via Etsy)
    Amazing smell....can even smell it the next day. Warm and comfy scents! Very manly and my beard looks epic!!!
    D.L. (via Etsy)
    Perfect!! My other half will love it Thank you (: very happy.
    R.H. (via Etsy)
    Only thing that works to tame by beard without being too stiff or waxy, it has just the right consistency.
    H.M. (via Etsy)
    Arrived quickly, looks good, bought for a pressie
    M.S. (via Etsy)
    Great price. Fast delivery. Great product. The wax I use everyday to control my unruly moustache. It has great hold and lasts all day with just a tiny amount. The balm I use on 'fluffy beard' days; it smoothes the beard really well and makes it look tidy. Both products have great scents. I will be ordering again when I run out.
    L.S. (via Etsy)
    Great products! My husband loves how they make his beard look and feel. Very happy with the service and we will definitely be return customers! Thanks!
    A.S. (via Etsy)
    Very fast delivery, great tins-good for stocking gift
    S.S. (via Etsy)
    Arrived super quickly and smells lovely. Can't comment on it's use as a beard balm as it is a gift for my hairy husband! Maybe I should grow a lady beard ;-)
    P.M. (via Etsy)
    Will make a great stocking filler for beardy brother, amazing next morning delivery time from Belfast to Birmingham, excellent service, will be recommending for sure!
    L.C. (via Etsy)
    Just stopped by to say a big thanks to Dan for the tips, advice and, of course, this fantastic balm. Having had a beard for around a year, I've spent a ton of cash of all sorts of oils, balms, washes, conditioners, moisturisers and potions, but Dan kindly advised that I shouldn't have to. This balm contains the same ingredients as all the expensive, branded ones out there, and is full of natural goodness to feed and condition your whiskers.
    T.L. (via Etsy)
    I rinsed my beard in the shower and applied the Lumberjack balm after toweling it dry. The Lumberjack balm left my beard soft and pillow-y, something I really like. I should mention here that I wear a pretty big beard. It was far firmer (waxier?) than anything I'd used in the past but it worked like a charm after rubbing it between my palms to soften it. The scent was subtle and pleasant, something that my wife noted immediately and liked (score!). Next I introduced my lip weasel to Dan's Lip Weasel wax. Lemme tell ya for what, that stuff's great. It's the first wax I've ever applied that didn't leave me feeling like my mustache was plastered to my face! I picked up a thumbnail full, rubbed it twixt my thumb and forefinger until is was soft and, spread it in. It held my rather large mustache beautifully.
    R.P. (via Etsy)
    I have been using this for a few days now and I can safely say it is once of the best beard balms I've used in a while. My unruly beard is feeling softer and looking good. Even my wife has commented on how good it smell's. Will be buying some more when this tin is done.
    E.H. (via Etsy)
    This is a huge quantity of balm and will last for ages, superb value and the hair stays soft for DAYS afterwards! The scent is amazing and you know all the ingredients are natural and care for your beard. This is a top product, I couldn't live without it.
    G.C. (via Etsy)
    Great fragrance and balm itself is easily workable into the beard. Shipping was outstanding. Excellent products and seller.
    D.T. (via Etsy)
    Scent: Sandalwood and a bit stronger than the wax but of a very pleasant variety (sandalwood scents can differ quite a lot), I personally love it. Consistency: It´s a balm with wax, so it´s quite a bit stronger than the butter based balms, but you can easily apply it after rubbing it between your palms for a few second. Results: A very nice stronger beard balm with a good hold. This works really well in combination with a little oil and when you are outdoors and things get a little windy. A few brushstrokes and the beard is in great shape again.
    D.B. (via Etsy)
    A fantastic product and Dan was also very helpful with giving advice on looking after my beard. Real fast delivery too, I will be a return customer!
    B.B. (via Etsy)
    Well done Dan on creating an amazing beautiful balm. It has very beautiful, subtle fragrance that even my wife approves ;) it's a lovely product to work with and leaves my beard amazingly soft and conditioned but also has a bit of hold to keep it all tamed down. Great product thanks again and look forward to future products.
    S.M. (via Etsy)
    Having tried this balm before, I'm really surprised how consistent the formula is. The balm has a great sandalwood scent and the right properties for hydrating the beard. It works well on my wiry beard and doesn't leave it greasy looking. It feels like there's an ingredient that 'dries off' within a few hours after application yet the wax remains the rest of the day continuing to do its job including adding the right amount of hold to stop the frizzy look at the sides of the beard. Touching the beard throughout the day you can feel the wax is still there although offering no resistance to brushing.
    C.C. (via Etsy)
    It came like super quick! Within a couple of days. As I am a beardless woman can't give an accurate product review but let's just hope my brother likes this Christmas present :)
    I.A. (via Etsy)
    Brought for my son so not tested, but smells nice and good price.
    D.T. (via Etsy)
    Got home today to see it had been delivered opened it up and was really pleased. Love the scent had to use abit straight away and it felt great. Will definitely be buying some more when this is gone. Package also contained a sample of pine tar soap not used yet but really like the smell. So will probably be ordering some of that soon as well. Would highly recommend baldy beardy products seem top quality and the owner is a really nice bloke who keeps you informed. Cant ask for more 5*s
    A.G. (via Etsy)
    Ordered a couple of beard balms at the same time, items arrived very quickly along with instructions for best use. Product works excellently and has a pleasant fragrance. Would definitely recommend.
    P.L. (via Etsy)
    Smells great and feels nice in my beard. So soft I can't stop stroking it!
    T.S. (via Etsy)
    Awesome, beardy goodness, can't complain
    B.J. (via Etsy)
    GREAT product for keeping the frizz at bay! Smells amazing, holds the beard in shape all day. 10/10 would recommend.
    A.B. (via Etsy)
    I completely understand why this is a top seller product. A real Lumberjack type of Beard Balm, masculine and fresh. Go and buy it now! A good place to start.
    T.B. (via Etsy)
    Product almost arrived before I clicked proceed to checkout. Excellent product from thoroughly decent chap. Good work!
    S.L. (via Etsy)
    My other half really likes this balm, thanks for the little extras too , your products are fab !
    R.B. (via Etsy)
    No more searching for other beard care products. BaldyBeardy is the place for me. I purchased the LumberJack Beard Balm and my beard is very happy. My beard was noticeably softer after the second day of use. The smell is not overwhelming, and very pleasant. Dan even included a sample of the Whiskey-balm -- which will be my next follow-up purchase. No more scouring Amazon for beard products!!
    E.M. (via Etsy)
    I bought this as a st.valentine's gift and he loves it, the smell is beautiful and it has softened his beard a great deal so it no longer itches me! We also received a free gift of a trial amount of the pine tar scarf face soap, which I have just had to buy, along with more of this. Brilliantly cheap, quick arrival, definitely recommend.
    M.W. (via Etsy)
    Good quality, will order again. Excellent customer service too.
    P.B. (via Etsy)
    Lovely item, arrived quickly, thank you.
    A.L. (via Etsy)
    Great product- shipped speedily and came with lovely note and free sample! Highly recommended :)
    Z.L. (via Etsy)
    Smells wonderful and feels very nice!
    D.S. (via Etsy)
    Brilliant products for beardys !! Super fast shipping. Buy some !!
    F.A. (via Etsy)
    Nice smell for my beard.
    L.S. (via Etsy)
    The smell is almost to good to be true. It is manly, but not overpowering. The smell lingers for hours. The hold and control it gives my beard is something I haven't experienced in ANY beard product. I have found my go to beard product solution!
    D.I. (via Etsy)
    Thanks. Great service.
    W.E. (via Etsy)
    Very pleased. Husband loves the smell! Will definitely buy again!
    D.S. (via Etsy)
    OMG fantastic products !!! U won't be disappointed !!
    F.S. (via Etsy)
    Makes my Beard look shiny and smooth!
    I.K. (via Etsy)
    Great products. Use it before heading out to work in the morning. keeping my beard moisturised and helping it keep its style/hold.
    M.G. (via Etsy)
    I can definitely tell the difference in my goatee's texture as compared to the junk I was using before! This stuff is the real McCoy
    C.N. (via Etsy)
    As always, this stuff smells and feels great. Perhaps my favourite scent yet.
    B.T. (via Etsy)
    Great customer service. Look forward to being a return customer. Great product
    R.S. (via Etsy)
    Smells nice fast dispatch and great communication
    S.W. (via Etsy)
    Great product! It tames even the wildest beard :) really quick delivery and excellent customer service from the owner too. I shall return.
    M.L. (via Etsy)
    Once again fast shipping, this is Handy to carry around with you for a top when required. It's a lovely smell which I would purchase again :-)>>
    G.V. (via Etsy)
    Great product and personal touch. The free sample of soap was a beauty. Cheers!
    J.L. (via Etsy)
    I received Dan's Snappy Gent Beard Oil and Lumberjack Beard Balm very quickly! Perhaps even quicker than buying something within the US! The smell on both are amazing and very addictive! My wife especially likes the smell of the balm...not sure I have a preference since they are both great! I had purchased some balm elsewhere not knowing that Dan would throw in a tin for me to try, however the stuff I had purchased now takes a back shelf to BaldyBeardy simply because it doesnt compare. I have nothing to compare the oil to, but I'm not sure that i would need to compare since it does exactly what i want it to and the smell is wonderful I would give both products, Dan's customer service and shipment speed all 10's on a scale of 1-10. I will most definitely be a repeat customer!
    G.H. (via Etsy)
    Of all the products I bought from Baldy Beardy, this one is definitely going to stay with me for however long I keep the beard (hopefully for life!). It really is that great. It’s creamy, very easy to apply and makes the beard look full, hydrated and shiny. You only need to apply very little and it stays well infused in the beard all day long. My beard hairs are quite fine, and can often curl and appear unkempt. This balm is great for shaping it and holding for the entire day.
    H.H. (via Etsy)
    Arrived very next day! Product works great. Will buy again and would recommend to others!
    N.W. (via Etsy)
    Shipping was fast. Great seller
    M.F. (via Etsy)
    Seriously quick from order to delivery. Great smelling stuff too :)
    J.C. (via Etsy)
    I purchased this not realizing it was from the UK. I forget that Etsy sells internationally. My order was processed very quickly. This is the first beard balm I've used, can't really compare to others. I'm two weeks into using it. It does make my beard a bit softer, I have very thick coarse hair. It does provide some control. It has a pleasing manly smell, but a little on the soapy side for me. It can be a bit strong when you first put it on but I like the fact that it lasts all day. Overall I'm very happy with it. If I wasn't from the States, I'd probably try out some of his other things as well.
    F.Y. (via Etsy)
    Bought as a gift, super quick postage. Smells great and is working well! would buy again :) thanks
    N.C. (via Etsy)
    Perfetto!!!!consegna rapida e buon prodotto
    N.M. (via Etsy)
    Fantastic product. Love the balm. Makes my very curly and dense beard nice and flat on the sides rather than it looking like I have an afro on my face! Shipped in great time as well. Definitely will use again!
    S.F. (via Etsy)
    My boyfriend loved it so much! Thanks a lot!
    C.F. (via Etsy)
    Super fast delivery. Fantastic product.
    W.S. (via Etsy)
    Dan's original balm. Classic masculine scent, perfect for everyday use.
    C.N. (via Etsy)
    Got this for my fellow, smell fab and easy to use
    G.F. (via Etsy)
    Got for husband stocking stuffer he loved it
    J.B. (via Etsy)
    A lovely experience in terms of customer relations and a professional looking, lovely smelling product. You'll have to ask my brother how it makes his beard feel, but I think he likes it!
    H.L. (via Etsy)
    Been using Lumberjack Beard Balm for some weeks now and first of all it makes the beard feel groomed, and I can form it and it stays fit the most of they day. You get a lot of value for the money spend here.
    M.E. (via Etsy)
    This one was a winner, such a manly smell :) I love it on my mans beard. So does he, nice soft beard and quick delivery great item :) lots more future orders will be made.
    S.T. (via Etsy)
    High quality product and outstanding customer service
    L.D. (via Etsy)
    Will be great as a stocking filler. Shipped really quickly.
    S.T. (via Etsy)
    Lovely packaging and lovely handwritten note from seller. Great product- my boyfriend loves it! A happy bearded and baldy man indeed!
    M.K. (via Etsy)
    Got it as a gift for my husband, the balm is very pleasant.
    A.W. (via Etsy)
    Delightful scent and a great balm to keep that beard or moustache looking healthy!
    L.S. (via Etsy)
    Such an awesome masculine scent! It also keeps those stray hairs from sticking out in every which direction. I'm loving this product and can't get enough of that scent! Also excellent service, and prompt delivery.
    B.T. (via Etsy)
    My husband loves it, he had me order more before he was out :) thanks guys
    T.J. (via Etsy)
    A wonderful scented and wonderfully crafted beard balm made by one of the most dedicated beardsman! My only change would be to up the scent a bit more. I know some like the scent to be more mild, but I like it stronger! But that's nothing negative about this as BaldyBeardy said he could add or lessen the scent to the balm. So it's only a personal preference on my end. I will totally order again once mine runs out!
    C.M. (via Etsy)
    I like it, the wife likes it, other ladies have remarked that they like it (thinking it was a cologne they were smelling). Can't wait for Movember to end so I can get my beard back on and use the stuff.
    T.S. (via Etsy)
    Just starting out so works great on the fly aways and conditions my skin as well good product will definitely try others as this baby beard matures!
    L.G. (via Etsy)
    Arrived really quickly, I'm sure my friend will love it!
    Z.L. (via Etsy)
    The smell is so so good! It is the perfect gift for my bearded boyfriend!;-) And thank you so much for the samples!
    R.M. (via Etsy)
    Love your products, returning customer
    L.R. (via Etsy)
    It takes a bearded man with knowledge to produce such high quality products.
    A.H. (via Etsy)
    Works great, smells great and great seller!
    F.L. (via Etsy)
    I haven't got a beard but I know a man who has, I bought this beard balm as a stocking filler and loved the little samples too. I'm hoping to see a well groomed beard in the new year
    R.L. (via Etsy)
    The best beard balm and customer service around!
    K.L. (via Etsy)
    Fast shipping, quick delivery. Purchased as a gift and according to my cousin it rocks!!! Special thanks for the samples!
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